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Welcome To Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing University is there for shaping your career or exploring skills. In 1902 we established our career in the education field at Sanjiang Normal School and after that ample of changes take place in terms of name and finally, it was named as Nanjing University in the year 1950. So we are counted among the oldest colleges in China.

Thus from so far, we have maintained the title of a most prestigious college in China. Undoubtedly we can say that the credit goes to our expert professionals and willingness of our students. We are there to guide the students by always standing behind them.

Whether it is MBBS or other courses; we are always there to provide you the best environment. For your bright future, Nanjing University believes in uplifting or reassuring the students for their career growth. The qualified aspirants of Nanjing University are working happily in their fields. Some of them are top reputed surgeons, lecturers or indulge in research work.

Comprehensive study and research process is our main motto; the university tries to provide it. As from so far, we are following the rules and regulation of the Ministry of Education. Thus lightening the future of students and offering them the best platform is all about Nanjing University.

Every year ample of students visits here from different countries; thus we have seen the expectations in their eyes. So we can say that our professional team is always there to serve the students with complete sincerity.

The professional staff or management team members of Nanjing University provide complete services; it can be either academic or other regarding accommodation. The qualified staff members are positioned for delivering comprehensive knowledge of lectures. We believe that for a bright future a tutor plays an important role; they are the individual who inspires the hope and ignites your imaginations.

Whether it is MBBS or other courses Nanjing University serves you training facilities in outside as well as inside areas. So it can be great exposure for you; site for diverse organizations by the Chinese Department of UN, as well as Council on International Education Exchange.

For research work, the fully equipped laboratories are available for the students. University provides you with all the essential equipment that is helpful in making your research work easier. We also offer Wi-Fi campus to our students so that they can continue their learning process. The infrastructure of Nanjing University is the main source of attraction. Students will easily find all the essential needs within the campus area whether it is food, ATM, or other services.

Where you can find us :

Thus it is located in a peaceful area where you will surely feel comfortable. For engaging student to build stronger bonds, cultural events are held at Nanjing University. Moreover, we can say that it’s the best source of building confident outlook related to significant changes. Students can participate in the cultural activities and represent their country.

So we are always there to bring ambition in your life; as you are the hope of our future.

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