Important Details about Nanjing Medical University

16 Oct
Nanjing Medical University

Every year more than 300 students come to study MBBS in Nanjing Medical University where students get many advantages during the MBBS studies such as scholarship events hostel facilities campus overview and many more things that university provides every year to MBBS in Nanjing Medical University for Indian Students Let’s have a look at the key role of Nanjing Medical University in China.

History of Nanjing Medical University 

Nanjing Medical University founded in 1934 and also known by the name of NMU in the short form it is famous for its quality teaching and popular among the students for Nanjing Medical University ranking even it is popular enough for MBBS in China. Nanjing Medical University has the features of great infrastructure and high-quality faculty which is offering 7 doctoral programs, 11 master’s programs in 1st level discipline and it is authorized for 6 centers of postdoctoral research centers too. Nanjing Medical University consists of a total number of 23 schools of Medical, 23 affiliated medical facilities and 23 medical hospitals and more than 50 hospitals in China. When you will check Nanjing Medical University review you will find the attachments of students from the university.

Nanjing Medical University Courses Overview 

Programs for MBBS in Nanjing Medical University for Indian students are in full English around the world, courses are for Bachelors, master, and doctoral programs the university offering all these programs for international students in full English so that they can understand well and achieve desires along with their career goals, after the successful completion of MBBS in Nanjing Medical University China they can go back to their motherland and can start practicing as a doctor in any hospital.

Some Important Points about the Nanjing Medical University

  • Nanjing Medical University Total Score is 68.4
  • Nanjing Medical University number of Incoming Students (Average Score of Incoming students in National College Entrance Exam) is 59.2
  • Education Outcome (Employment Rate after MBBS and other Bachelor Degree programs) is 96.52%
  • Nanjing Medical University outstanding Alumni (Accomplished Medical Experts) is 36
  • Nanjing Medical University Reputation (Income from Donations (in 1,000 RMB))

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